Sunday, January 13, 2013

Visit at Ninalhaven January 2-4 as teachers work on Poetry!

Mrs. Sam models introducing the poem, modeling/practicing fluency, and teaches students reading strategies for figuring out new words.

Mrs. Sam organizes students for working at centers.  The schedule on the board and her technique for assigning centers is very affective.  Stop by and see.  Remember, centers are to provide students with practice of strategies they need to acquire.  This week, teachers should be setting up word work and vocabulary centers.

Ms. Kayla works with students on their poems.  K kids love this process and feel confident about really reading.  YEAH!

Remember, this week the upper grades - 2 and above - will work with their students on using their practice page across from the poem in order to apply the ELA strategies they have been taught.!

Way to go Vinalhaven teachers!!!  Excellent as always:}

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