Monday, October 28, 2013

October 22, 2013 - Visits to Classrooms on Vinalhaven

Following are the classrooms I visited during the day.  The teachers were engaging students and moving them steadily towards success in literacy.

Kudos to all for so much dedication and hard work!

Mrs. Dempster works with her pre-K students to learn to match letters.  Quick visual discrimination is key learning to read fluently.

Pre-K is about learning the connections between text and meaning.  Here is a great example - student created collages.

Mrs. Kayla meets with her small group to learn how to use sources of information when reading a poem.  Students are moving forward quickly.   

First grade students work with Mrs. Sam on a poem - practicing and naming the reading strategies they use while they read.  Students are using all three sources of information to determine meaning.  


Second grade students work with Ms. Mason in a guided reading group as they explore a non-fiction text on bees and then reproduce a text structure replicated from their book. 

Fourth grade students work with Mrs. Osgood in a guided reading group exploring a non-fiction text on bees.  Along with discussion, they make entries in their reader's notebooks.  

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