Monday, December 8, 2014

Here is a great article on how to use video when supporting teachers in learning and applying new resesarch. Enjoy courtesy of Tch.

Director's Cut — Recorded Webinar: Research-Based Practices for Using Video
Watch the video
Teaching Channel Teams
Using Video for Professional Learning: Research-Based Strategies

Dear Darlene,

We recently held a webinar featuring Miriam Sherin, Professor of Learning Sciences at Northwestern University, and Jamie Lomax, Director of Title I for Tulsa Public Schools.

You can now view a beautifully edited version of the webinar recording on our website. In this version, you won't have to sit through unnecessary explanations of how to use a webinar platform. We take you right into the content you’re interested in seeing.

Click here to watch the video and download the presentation slides.

Jim Knight
Miriam’s presentation details research-based strategies for using video that have been shown to create lasting results in improving teacher practice. Our video-enabled platform, Teaching Channel Teams, provides interactive tools to support these strategies including a mobile app for easily capturing and sharing classroom video.

Michelle Rooks
Jamie’s presentation describes how Tulsa Public Schools is using Teams to put these strategies into action to provide equitable instruction for all students and scale the effectiveness of coaching and PLC programs.

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