Thursday, September 15, 2016

First Visit September 19-21, 2016.

                                  Good Morning, Everyone,

1.  On the 19th, I will be arriving on the first boat.

Cherie, Megan, and I are planning to spend the day administering and scoring DRAs to those 6, 7, 8 students who qualify.

After school, Cherie has placed me on the agenda for the K-5 team meeting - where we will schedule visits to classrooms during the morning for the 20th and 21st. 
2.  On the 20th, I will be in classrooms coaching.  I am thinking the focus for the beginning of the year should be guided reading, but I am open to whatever teachers want me to observe and discuss.

In the afternoon, Cherie and I are meeting with Nate to clarify the goals for the year and the procedures we will follow.

Then we will finish the day with planning for the year.

I will also be available after school if teachers have any questions.

3.  On the 21st, I will be in classrooms coaching again.  

I am looking forward to seeing all of you.


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