Sunday, October 9, 2016

Upcoming October 11-13 Visit

Good Morning, Everyone,
I hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend. As I write, it is raining hard here on the mainland...just the kind of a day for a good read. 
I am writing to confirm my October 11-13 visit.  Following is my tentative schedule.

On Tuesday, I plan to spend the day with Cherie and Megan - continuing to work on the data and scheduling.  If we have any time, I would like to get some classroom visits in as well.*

On Wednesday, I would like to continue to make classroom visits - looking at guided reading.  This will require a schedule accompanied by lesson plans given to Cherie prior to my arrival.*

On Thursday, I will be working with the K-5 teachers during the time Bruce has given us.  It looks like we will have a few hours in the afternoon.  

We will be reviewing writing data and using it to plan mini lessons.
Please remember to bring:
  •  the high, medium, and low narrative writing papers from your class,
  • 8 copies of each paper to be distributed to the teachers, (Do not scores these copies.  We will do that when we are together.)
  • your copy of Calkins' Writing Pathways,
  • your laptop.
This is a tentative outline.   As always, I will be flexible based on teacher and student needs.
I am looking forward to visiting all of you and sharing all of the exciting teaching/learning that is happening in your classrooms.
See you soon,

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