Saturday, February 23, 2013

February Visit!!

Teachers are doing great things at the Vinalhaven School.  Bravo!! 

During this visit I noticed many literacy centers.  WOW!  The teachers are incredibly devoted and spend hours on this work!!  Take a look.

Kindergarten reading their poems and learning their concepts of print!!

Students move through the centers using this work board as a guide!


First Graders working in Guided Reading Groups.  Mrs. Sam introduces them to cut up sentences!! ...

Re-assembling cut up sentences helps students learn many reading strategies as well as words:}

Another fun literacy station organizer:}  Great Job!!


Second graders get to use the writing center to write familiar letters to each other in second grade.  The center will be used for more writing as the year continues.  Writing to real people for a real purpose is powerful!!  Excellent!!

At second grade, students can work independently on their own.  Here is a writing/language assignment that uses the students' daily poetry.


Third grade begins a spelling center.  Students listen carefully as the teacher explains how they will work with buddies to study for their Friday spelling test.

At the third grade level, students begin to work independently on reading and writing responses.  Depending on the writing prompt, students learn a variety of skills, i.e. text structure, summarizing, etc.

Super job!


Moving into fourth grade, students are becoming even more independent!!  Here are some of the rules they have made for their time together in the classroom!

 Connections to make to boost comprehension!

Writing journals and writing centers are in place also:}

Exceptional job one and all!!



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