Sunday, February 3, 2013

January Visits!

January visits were held on 1.2-1.4 and 1.4-1.16.  The teachers are working on implementing a literacy framework and have been working hard since October.  As I visited rooms from K-5 - the student learning and teacher instruction were excellent.  The teachers have done an outstanding job - working hard to improve student performance.

Here are a few pictures of the visit:}

Mrs. Paige leading a guided reading group - students are enthusiastic and fluent when reading:}

Centers are set up and providing students with extra learning opportunities to practice new understandings.

Mrs. Sam leading a non-fiction guided reading lesson - based on Common Core State Standards.  Students loved this book and easily read the diagrams and came up with appropriate vocabulary.

                                               Behavioral modification program used K-2. 

                      Learning Centers have clear directions for student, guiding their learning experience.

Great job staff!!!

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