Saturday, September 14, 2013

EDU 590 - Has begun at Vinalhaven. August 26-28 ,9 teachers - Pre-K - 12 - began the course. The principal, Robb Warren, also joined the class!! Rich instructional conversations and exploration of literacy within the context of the CCSS took place for the 3 days and will continue throughout the year.

What a great group!!  Student oriented and eager to provide success for students!!!
Back row from left to right: Randy Pitts, Emma Baker, Meagan Davidson, Judd Raven, Robb Warren (principal), Darlene Bassett (instructor), and Bruce Mailloux (superintendent).

Front row from left to right: Hilary Martin, Cherie Doughty, Sue Dempster, Pat Paquet.

Throughout the course, technology will be  embedded in order to allow teachers to experience the new CCSS standards as a student.  Randy Pitts, also lead us in the process of saving files as PDFs and then annotating them during reading, providing students with opportunities for close reading.

Bravo team!!  

Your students are lucky to have you as their teachers!!

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