Monday, September 9, 2013

Here's some great resources for close reading courtesy of Choice Literacy. Please notice the information is grade specific. Enjoy!


Free for All

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In a new podcast, Chris Lehman and Kate Roberts look at close reading from many different angles:

Close reading is the darling new phrase in literacy education, used to describe everything from end-of-chapter textbook questions to sticky note extravaganzas when reading novels. Chris Lehman explains why Close Reading Isn't Just Anything in the start of a new blog series:


Close reading and rereading are linked in many classrooms. In this article from the Choice Literacy archives, Max Brand shares how he threads rereading throughout his fifth-grade literacy block:

Nancy Boyles highlights three strategies for bringing close reading to the elementary grades in this essay from Educational Leadership:

Jan Burkins and Kim Yaris have compiled over a dozen posts on close reading at their blog:

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