Sunday, November 27, 2016

November Visit - 14-16 ! Following is a photo journal of classroom visits! Serious learning is already happening in all of the classrooms.

This was my fourth visit to Vinalhaven this year.  The focus this time was on Calkins' writing workshop.   The quality of teaching I have observed was excellent.  Classroom routines have been created and students are developing longer attention spans, which leads to longer time on task. During this visit the staff and coaches were able to focus on problem solving.  Their open door policy allows for a high level of collaboration that impacts individual student learning.  Kudos to all.

Mrs. Conway's K

Kindergarten students are beginning Calkins' Writers' Workshop.  Mrs. Conway introduced a format for informational writing by modeling the process with class participation.  Two of the key elements for her students were: 1.  modeling the actual composition/thinking process and 2.  encouraging students to share their ideas with one another.  Students are beginning to make the connection that print is thinking written down - a key concept many kindergarteners do not develop early on...leading to confusion later.  Great job, Mrs. Conway's class.   

  Ms.  Block's First Grade 

Ms. Block is working with her first graders on sustained writing.  This is the first year Vinalhaven has had the Calkins Writing Workshop and an extended block of time for writing.  This presents challenges to students and teachers alike.  A crucial first step for all writers is the ability to write for an extended time. In writing fluency must be established before craft can be applied.  Students must be able to compose and write automatically, developing stamina in both thought and action. Ms. Block realizes the importance of this and has employed several steps in the classroom to assure students develop in this area.  These steps are posted in the photo above.  Kudos to Ms. Block for recognizing this need and addressing it in a pro-active manner.   What lucky first graders to have a responsive teacher.   

Ms. Block's first graders being observed by Literacy Coach, Cherie Doughty, incorporates writing during a guided reading lesson.  Bravo!  Writing across the curriculum!

 Mrs. Andrews' Second Grade 

Mrs. Andrews' second grade has developed a level of fluency.  She continues to give students opportunities to practice fluency, with the understanding they are ready for working on their craft.  An important element of craft, is audience.  Mrs. Andrews has instructed and modeled conferencing extensively.  From students' writing as well as Mrs. Andrews' classroom observations, students are applying conferencing strategies to others' work as well as to their own!  Teacher and peer conferencing is frequent and on task! 

Mrs.  Andrews embeds ELA standards during a Social Studies lesson.  Student practice close reading, engage in rich conversations, develop vocabulary, and synthesize this process in their writing!   Kudos to all of the second graders!  Great nonfiction strategies!

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