Wednesday, November 9, 2016

November Visit 14-16

Good Morning, Everyone,
I hope you are enjoying this lovely fall winter.
I am writing to remind you I will be coming out for my next visit on November 14-16.

I will arrive on November 14 on the first boat.

November 14: 

Cherie, Meagan, and have planned on meeting individually with ELA teachers K-5.  Cherie is arranging a roving sub for the day so teachers can meet with us and go over their spread sheets based on their first Calkins unit.  This was sent to you early and you were asked to have the data entered by this visit.  Teachers should come to the meeting prepared to discuss this with the coaches.

November 15-16:  

Cherie, Meagan and I will make classroom visits to observe writing being taught.  De-briefing sessions will be arranged, so the coaches and consultant can provide feedback to  classroom teachers to guide instruction.
The coaches and the consultant will also continue to review the course of the implementation and pertinent strands of the implementation.  

I am planning on leaving on Wednesday - the 2:45 if possible.  

Teachers - please feel free to contact me and arrange special time to see me while I am on site.  I will be available after school or before school if that works for you.

See you soon,


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